Saturday, July 21, 2012

Ant Installation Instructions

Apache Ant (Another Nice Tool) is a software tool for automating software build processes. It is similar to Make but is implemented using the Java language, requires the Java platform, and is best suited to building Java projects.


ANT Installation Instructions

Apache ANT is delivered as a ZIP archive, it does not have a installer for windows version.

Note: It is assumed that users have some utilities to manipulate zip archive files installed in their windows PC. You can download 7-zip from here it is free and open source.

  • Click on link in page.
  • Save it to a convenient location in PC.
  • Right click on the Downloaded Zip file.
  • Select Extract files...
  • Give Path as C:\JAVA_EXTRAS\

Environment variables

Select MY Computer
Select My Computer from your desktop

Right click My Computer, Select Properties
Right Click on "My Computer" icon and select "Properties"

Select Advanced system settings
Select Advanced system settings

Select Advacned Tab and Click on Environment Variables button


In System Variables Section, Click on"New" Button.

Create ANT_HOME Environment variable
Provide the path where the ANT file is extarcted to...


Go to System variables Section, Search for Path variable.
Click on Edit... button after selecting Path variable.

At the End of existing Path variable contents,
Append %ANT_HOME%\bin;
*** DO NOT DELETE Existing contents in Path variable.

Cross Verification

Run below commands and ensure the outcome is similar to provided in screen-shot.
echo %ANT_HOME%

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