Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Welcome to my blog.
Here I will try to cover topics on automation I have dealt with so far in my professional Career.
This tutorial is aimed at beginners and intermediate users.

I love to hear your opinions and suggestions, they encourage me to write more.

Important Note:
  • I request every one to have a look at Environment setup page to ensure you have right setup for us to kick start learning stuff.

  • I will try to specify the specific version of the softwares which have used to provide the tutorials. It is observed that certain versions of softwares do not "gel" well with other versions

  • I will be using Windows 7 Operating system as reference to demonstrate the tools and their usage. Users are encouraged to try with any other versions of windows they have and report to us for any issues or breaks.

  • It is highly recommended for beginners to go for 32-bit version of any software installation they are planning to make for backward compatibility. Unless you know what you are doing do not go for 64 bit versions. I have burnt my hands enough with these 64-bit and 32-bit compatibility issues :)

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